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PIP 2424 with EV Battery - Specs

I've got an RV and since this pandemic I'm pretty much confined to off-camping with it and it's not ready for that.

What I want is to buy a 24v li-ion or li-po battery, around 1.5-2kw, that came from an electric car.

Through all the searches I ended up with the MPP PIP 2424 as it seems it allows quite a range of settings to charge those batteries up.

My problem is these batteries have all sorts of min-max voltages depending on the car it came from (i-pace, e-golf, kia soul, etc).

So i would really appreciate it if someone that owns a PIP 2424 can give me the ranges (min-max) that you can set for:
- Cut off voltage for the inverter (min-max)
- Max charged voltage (min-max)

And to give you an example of what i'm trying to buy:

Battery 1: Says: 2x modules 4s 2kw 26V cut off - 32.8V full voltage

Battery 2: Says: 25.6 (cut off) - 33.2V(fullvoltage)

Tried to post links as well but apparently i can't yet.

Thank you in advance for any info you can share!!
Depends on the 2424LV as there's several versions. On mine, which is a 2424LV-MSD (one of the older ones) I believe can only go up to 29.2V. The newer 2424LV-MK series states 32V in their manuals.

Now here's where I wouldn't recommend the 2424LV for you. The idle consumption isn't the best. It idles at around 50W. For a stationary setup it's not a big deal, throw a couple more panels and add some extra batteries and you kind of make up for it. For a camper where every little bit of room counts, then it adds up.  On a single day 50W *24hrs would take up 1200W of power consumption. Compare that to a Victron where it's closer to 15-20W you are looking at a third of that idle waste.
Thank you!

The idle consumption you're talking about is the inverter consumption, right?

Do you also know the range of the cut-off voltage?
Cutoff should be fine. Yes the idle is the inverter consumption. Most of these chinese inverters are pretty power hungry.

From the manual:

If self-defined is selected in program 5, this program can be set up. Setting range is from 10.0V to 13.5V for 0.7KW/1KWmodel, from 20.0V to 27.0V for 1.4KW/2KWmodeland from40.0V to 54.0Vfor 2.6KW/3KWmodel. Increment of each click is 0.1V. Low DC cut-off voltage will be fixed to setting valueno matter what percentage of load is connected.
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