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M365 - what type of cells ?
Does anyone know what type/brand of 18650 cells do the e-scooters Xiaomi MI M365 and the Pro version use ?
Looks like LG M26 (LGGBM261865) according to this video

(07-29-2020, 04:04 AM)gauss163 Wrote: Looks like LG M26 (LGGBM261865) according to this video
I concur.
It appears that  the LGGBM261865/LGEBM261865 (2600mah) are a favorite by manufactures for scooter packs.
I see more and more of them popping up on the salvage market.
I'm guessing they are NCA chemistry as the IR is midrange ~35mΩ AC. Will get DC IR on the next batch.
I have yet to find a spec sheet to confirm that though.
I have 1592 of them tested and had 20 duds. Most because of physical damage, some to SD and high IR. All the rest very nice results.
The sheet of the study and test can be found on my google drive here.

For Info Google Drive

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