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Inverter design and choice
Last year we had a 16.25 kW solar system installed and the inverters the company used are the Huawei FusionHome Solar SUN2000L-9KTL-USL0 (two of them). These are similar to the SolarEdge inverters as they say they are battery ready however only for the LG batteries which are not available here in Canada.

It would appear the inverter looks for the high-voltage battery packs at in the range of 600V. However it does appear to be a simple positive and negative connection within the inverter. Now the inverter does have an RS485  enable positive and negative signal circuit and terminals for the battery.

Huawei's documentation indicates that from the backup output on the inverter an auto-transformer is required followed by then by whatever backup loads I wish.

My question is if I wanted to do a DIY LifePo4 powerwall, is it best to connect it to this inverter or, try to just AC-couple the battery and negate the issues with integration into the inverter as I do not have the communication specs?
Working with high voltage DC is serious stuff, so hope you've got some experience/qualifications there.
AC coupled is going to be more achievable in absence of comms spec, etc.
LiFePo4'er myself :-)
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Thanks for the reply. I myself only have experience working around smaller 12V solar and wind turbine systems. However both my brother and best friend are electricians and would be assisting me.

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