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testing the batteries/cells out of an LG Chem RESU-7H system
Last module is capacity testing now another hour and 45 minutes from now last module will be close to finishing.
Hope it is as good as the rest of the modules. 8kwh so far.
later floyd

err ~7.5kwh
The last module tested the best! 64.269Ah I think I will test the 2 modules that tested 52Ah again. for the 6 modules 355Ah@25.9v works out to 9.2 kWh not bad for free. need to charge them all to 29.3 and wait a couple weeks. All modules except the first were tested from 29.3v to 22v per module.
Later floyd
x8 screen

unless I retest the 2 modules that were 52Ah I should be done testing of the LG RESU modules.

I have the two byd LiFePo4 24v batteries (that I have been using as the regen bank) to finish.

Later floyd
Retested one of the modules that tested 52 ah This time it tested 62.994 Ah.
So as I suspected the regen battery filled up on first test.

later floyd

Retested the other 52Ah module This test came in @59.8AH
Wish I could get a Data sheet for these cells LGX JH3 from what I have pieced together the cells are in a 1s2p format 63Ah. 7s modules so they would be 31.5Ah per cell. The voltage of the cells was very low1v to 1.5 v a cell
Seems they are the same as cells sold by BHU in LG ESS 48v batteries. but I could be mistaken.
62.994 Ah
374.504Ah/378AH=99% of original capacity
Still have some more waiting and testing to do. But the modules passed the first round of testing with damm good numbers.
Later floyd

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