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Charge Controller ROHS HP2430 for 3s
I am working on my second project, a solar powered pond pump.

I do not plan to run past dark, so do not need a large battery. (Running a 3s).  In fact I would be fine just running teh pump directly off the panel if the charge controller would just limit the voltage to the 12.6 v +0/-2 range.  When panel voltage exceeds 12.6 the charge controller would step the load down to 12.6.  (Pump will run above 12.6 v, but on the 3s battery at 12.6 the pump speed works perfect.) Finally, when the panel voltage is below 10, the load is off.

Unfortunately, most of the user vids for this controller are not in English.  

When I received the charge controller, the first thing I noticed was the available load mode options.  The available timer options are to set run time in evening after the panel voltage drops below set voltage.  My plan was to run the load X hrs in morning after panel voltage approached the 12.6v target.

I believe I solved this issue by purchasing a separate digital timer to control the pump on off time independent of panel voltage. The charge controller will just run the load mode as constant on 24 hr/day.

independent of pannael voltageThe second thing I noticed was that the manual did not have much detail about the lithium Battery Mode.

There is a lithium charging point voltage setting.  I assume this is the peak charge voltage where charging cuts out. Default is 14.4 v which may make sense for a lead acid, but not a lithium14.4 would be to high as 12.6 is the max voltage of a 3S.  Not sure yet how much flexibility there is for peak voltage in a 3s BMS.

The next setting is Over discharge return voltage setting.  I assume this is the voltage when load turns back on after the load has been cut because voltage dropped below the min setting.  If running from the panel during daylight hours, I should not hit any low voltage setting[/font][/size][/color]

The next setting is Over discharge voltage setting.  I assume this is the low voltage when the load turns off to save the battery.  Again, if running from the panel during daylight hours, I should not hit any low voltage setting

Link to PDF manual is here.  Seems like this is an old charge controller as the manual can also be found on website of big box stores dating back 4 years.  The mfg date code is 2018.

This next manual looks very similar and has more details on several of the programming options.
Have you looked into "maximiser" type devices instead of the typical charge regulator?
They are basically a buck converter that keeps panel voltage at Vmaxpower
You would not need batteries at all unless maybe you wanted to do some other control functions/timers, etc
Eg one of these:
or similar....
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
I ran across this a while back.    Here's @Engineer775 talking "Pico Cell" -  for running motors (pumps) directly from solar.    And I see you can actually buy one -

Not endorsing - just sharing for what it's worth Smile
I am running a 12v 1380 gph DC pump and have about $250 invested between the pump, solar, and controller. Going with a $1300 pump controller is a little pricey for this project. My goal was to better understand the capabilities for this controller to run Lithium so I do not need to purchase a $100 lead-Acid. (I have over $1500 tested cells and need to put them to work) I have been having a real hard time to find controller for a 3s.

Most everyone goes 24v then steps back down for a 12V load.
You can DIY maximizers inexpensively, plenty of parts kits available if you're OK with a soldering iron?
Reason is 3S lithium isn't a good match with "12V" systems, although motors should be OK, just a bit slower/less output.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)

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