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Pack discharge testing
Am almost done testing all cells that I need for my 14s120p setup; Hopefully I can start assembly of the packs soon  Smile  I have 2 chargers that can handle enough current to charge the packs, so I have got that part covered. But I need to do some discharge testing as well, the ISDT T8 charger supports this but only at 5 amps which will take forever...
I would prefer to use external power resistors together with a device that keeps track of the Ah and has a low voltage cutoff, any ideas ? What do you use ? Need  Idea
To capacity check my entire pack I hooked up a load and let it run until the BMS cutoff kicked in and then I looked at how much power my Victron BMV recorded leaving the pack. I have a small 15s34p pack that is around 3.5kwh and I used a 500w and 1000w load to test it. The most my pack will have to run is about 1000w as it is a small emergency load pack primarily.

I don't know if this is the best way but it gave me a good idea of usable capacity with how I have it configured. I used the inverter output to test as that is how I will use the pack.
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