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[SELLING] Selling around 1830 Cells 18650 GERMANY
Hi Guys, i am selling all my Cells i bought or harvested from Ebay etc.

In total around 1830 Cells:

10S5P Gazelle 950 Cells

10S4P Gazelle 400 Cells

1 x Cube 40 Cells

1x idk 30 Cells

1 Stromer 850 Watts

Flyer 50 , 50 , 50 , 50 , 50, 50, 50 Cells

Samsung SDI 40 Cells

1x idk 40 Cells

1x idk 30 Cells

I would like to get 900 Euro.

70 % of the Cells should be 2200 mAh

Around 150 2600-2800 mAh

All others something like this too

I opened around 20-30 Gazelle Ebike Packs so my thinking should be right.

My Location is GERMANY

If you have any questions pls write me 
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You need to direct upload the files to form not link to other sites please
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What Pete said.
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Thanks guys,

idk why it worked this morning but not yesterday.
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