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220v inverter - which one for me?

I now have a good collection of >3ah 18650ies to start with my 14s32p battery.
The closer I come to that, the more I started looking for inverters.

Recently I added more Solar Panels to our Roof (6 more --> ~2.5kWp). For those and the battery I would like to have a single phase inverter, which (ideally) can charge also the pack and which I can controll by an arduino.

So it should: Idea

Exclamation Do 230v single phase
Exclamation Be able to handle ~3kWp of Solar Power (>300vDC)
Exclamation Run from a 48V Battery System (and ideally act as a charge controller?!)
Exclamation Be able be propperly limited / output-adjusted in battery operation (via RS323/485...)

The system shall cover our nightly loads off of battery power up to a max. that the battery is able to provide (which will be ~20A for starters --> ~1kWp). I plan to add another 32cells (maybe more) in parallel to the first 14 packs successively (BMS will be able to balance / handle well over 14s100p).

Any suggestions are welcome!! Heart Cool
What is your current set up with your solar? Are these going to be 2 separate systems?

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