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Nedap powerouter
Has anyone had any dealings with a nedap powerouter, it's of Dutch origin and is for use with lead acid or GSM batteries. I've acquired it from a friend of mine that built it with an expert that I cannot get in touch with. It has all the relevant connections ready to plug and play but the problem is the nedap was discontinued some years ago and there is not much info out there. If there are folks out there who know about these powerouters I would like to ask a few questions. The kit is new and never been used so would be a shame not to use it. Thanks in advance
Looks like it is grid connected solar inverter. Found the FAQs page
you have probably already seen the FAQs. but if not The above link will take you there.
 later floyd
Great thanks for your help. Would you know if this could be used with a grid tied inverter on the AC side and would it work with the batteries connected when there is no solar to feed the property and if so would it need a CT clamp fitted at the mains incoming supply so it can assess where the power is coming from as I want it to prioritise battery over mains if battery power is available.
Haven't a clue, just what I read here and the FAQs.
later floyd
Just another few questions. I have a 6.6kw grid tied inverter and want to connect a battery inverter to the same incoming grid supply. I know that the grid tied inverter has to see a sine wave from the incoming grid supply for it to operate but what if the battery inverter gave a similar sine wave when operating, would this confuse the grid tied inverter. Also how will the battery inverter replicate the grid sine wave, does it do it the same as the grid tied inverter. Is it ok to connect the grid tied and the battery inverter to the same incoming grid supply. Thanks for you help

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