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Battery side Fuses/Breakers sizing
Dont forget that the startup power of some appliances are even higher.

So you really need to go back to the drawing table to look into what you are going to power and how. The less you stress your batteries the safer they will be and longer they will last.

2way breaker is recommended when doing DC yes. They are hardly sold in any other configuration. A fuse on the other hand only sits on one leg.

Tips: Look at what that Inverter have as recommended fuse. Then you also know how larger your battery bank need to be to sustain it. beware that we talk about best practices designing based on what you bought and not what you normally intend to run.
Just stating "yeah im going to run 2000w load max on a 5000w inverter" doestn gain you the advantage of stepping outside how to wire it up Smile
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