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SeRiusRod build in rainland
After some years of budgeting, today I received my first components for my setup. So I thought that could be time to start a thread about it.
Well, I already had some cells, frames and testers.

This morning the delivery guy left me this:

This is a new switch. I plan to move part of my homelab next to the "energylab" so I can plug all as I can and, if possible, directly power it from the bank.

And those ones:

1400-1 supposedly checked and ready 2200mAh cells.

And in the evening a truck delivered those:

14 SunPower 330 Black Sexyness

The plan is to build a semi-grid connected solar setup. With three 14s100p 220Ah battery banks. The nice part of the build is the panels structure and placement. I don't have any clear space facing south and I was forced to move the panels +50mts from the house. So I'll take a completely different approach and build a moving porch-like structure in the front of the house. I'll have to cut/move some trees and I plan to incorporate an altitude sun follower to it, so we'll see.

PS. The past week received an Opus, to test as an alternative to my Lii500s, but I think it's bad as it gives almost half of capacity on two of the slots for the same cells.
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