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[CLOSED] Igan 170 cutters

Igan cutters two for 12.00 shipped to lower 48 
AK and HI . I would have to check shipping. 
I use USPS only. 
Four for 20 shipped 
Payment accepted is 
PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo and zelle
As a member that does not post often . I read many of your post .
These are quality cutters .
So the first two members that responds and has a shipping address
In the lower 48 gets a free cutter to try it out. And put in a drawer
However I will request a follow up on your thoughts on the cutter .
Please reply here before sending a PM with address
Thank You
Dr Mac
Sorry Dr Mac, but I personally think the price is a little high, imho. I say this because I can go into Walmart and get a pair in the craft section for $8 and have it now.
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Our Walmart does not have Igan cutters. Just the cheap blue ones that break easily.
12.00 is still a good price shipped for a pair of Igan.
I’ll leave them for another week and pull if they fail to sell.
Thank You for the information

Dr Mac
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Well no replies for free cutters. I’ll close this post.

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