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SUN2000GTIL2-LCD On Grid Tie Amoment of your time if I may.
Ranger, if you are using the 45-90v inverter then a 48v nominal battery is not the correct voltage for that inverter. The inverter will have to use a lot more amps to supply it’s max power because the volts that it can use is at the lower end of its operating voltage. The inverter will also have to use more amps at any time for any load due also to the battery voltage being at the lower end of the operating volts of the inverter. This will cause more heat and shorten the life of the inverter. A 48v nominal battery should be used with the 22-65v version of this inverter. Following this same principle the 22-65v inverter shouldn’t be powered by a 24v battery because that’s at the lower end of that versions operating voltage causing the same amp issues.
Quick Update And Thanks to everyone who commented..

Well the inverter arrived from china via Singapore with UPS. Took about two weeks so not bad. Undamaged and unmolested, by customs.
So we thought we should test it. As everyone had suggested, as some have had DOA's. On the bench it the workshop it went, hooked up 60v at 250AH just to check if it worked.
Powered up perfectly and was showing 1850 watts at 26 amps. So all good, or so it thought, till i rested my hand on the steel bench to change a setting and got quite a kick.

Out with the multimeter and what do you know 108v between the heatsink and earth. That explains the little tingle. Off with the covers, meter earth pin in socket, to lead. All good, contact pad on pc board to chassis, not so good. Remove lovely black anodized screw, replace with stainless steel with spring washed. Dead short on multimeter, from earth pin in plug, to heatsink. Happy Andrew. Re-powered, no tingle, so testing will begin.
The 2000 GTL will start reducing output with battery voltage below 51V. Any Lifepo 16s or Lipo, NCM 14s battery will do well for that inverter. The output can be set, but max is somewhere around 1920W. As that inverter is active cooled by 2 fans, i wouldn't run it on full power if you live in a hot climate same me. I have set it to max 1250W just to go safe Wink , but i am still running about 10 kWhs over it each night. Limiter works great. It will reduce the load to around 10-7W remaining on that phase. Bought my inverter on Aliexpress for around 220 usd (no Wifi)

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