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Hi from Hannover Germany

I'm Alex from Hannover Germany. 
In the initial corona phase I've build up a 5.7 kWp SolarSystem (18x 320Wp mono) on our roof top because I was bored. I intended to store the surplus electricity instead of feeding it into the public grid. Unfortunately battery storage systems for endusers are still expensive or like BYD HVS systems not orderable.
After viewed some DIY 18650 battery projects it's now time to start my 20kWh DIY battery system ;-)  

Here is my thread of my DIY 18650 battery project:

Welcome, I have seen quite of few different battery enclosures, I think this is one of the best. goods going on recycling a ww II bunker.
later floyd
Agree with @floydR - looks like masonry bricks!  Would not have thought of that as most discussion is around metal shed/containers outside the house.  One of my own weaknesses is that my battery bank is 'pretty exposed' under the house - but backyard metal box is not feasible for me.   Maybe a brick enclosure...   Very cool and seems like it would do the job of containing fire.   
Noticed that you may have used ceramic fiber board as a liner, good for 1425 C for along period of time . If you used drywall it only has a 1/2 hour rating and the concrete blocks will crack and explode soon after the fire starts , because of moisture in them

So far it looks well made. You might want to ventilate it to the outside

Good Luck in your project

Jim Jr

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