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20+X kWh WWII Bunker battery System

I'm planing a 18650 14S99p ->14S198p system. Long story here.
ATM I'm looking for the best solution for building my packs. 
My plan is to use  9x11 batterholters for each pack. 

An initial build of one pack see below some pictures. What do you think? 

Some Key data of the project:
- 14S99P later upgrade to 14S198P
- China BMS with Bluetooth Vmax = 55V Vmin=50V (
- 22-60V to 230Vac 1kW China Grid tie Inverter with limiter
- initial 1200W (later 3kW) Battery-Charger with custom RPi Module to charge battery depending on the current PV power and SOC
- Ytong-Stone-Rack (se samplepicture below) for preventing 18650 fire disaster

->None of this is installed in our house but in an old WWII bunker in our garden.^^
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LooL, you actually have a bunker in the garden? cool
At that number of cells I'd definitely make something modular so I can quick-replace any cell.
Very good.

Quick tip if you want to make your bus wire nice and straight put 1 end in a vice and attach the other end to a drill spin the wire at reasonable speed while pulling on it slightly. It will straighten the wire and then you can bend it accordingly.

For Info Google Drive

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