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[SELLING] Samsung / Bosch Li-Ion EV modules - Southern CA
Local pickup only in Southern CA - Los Angeles area

Each module is 5s configuration.  They would be best used with 3 in series for a 15s configuration.  The "48 volt" voltage range is fully supported by many manufactures, including Victron Energy.  Their inverters and MPPT solar charge controllers can easily handle 15s mix/max range.

Two in series (10s) is an ideal 36 volt configuration for something like a golf cart.  Single 5s can be used in a 12v system when used with a DC-DC converter to buck the voltage (Victron 24/12 Orion isolated converters will support this)

Capacity ~ 1.1kWh per module
5s Configuration  
Output Terminal: M6 Nut

Cost is less than $100/kWh per module.  

Group 1 ~ 12kWh $1200 for the lot, or $120 per module if separated. 
Really good condition, includes folding terminal caps for all even thought it's not pictured.  Removed from a low mileage EV.  I started working on them but never finished the project. I spot checked a couple modules with my iCharger 4010 and both measured at full capacity.

Group 2 ~ 9kWh  / UPDATE: 5 of 9 SOLD. $110 each (no +/- terminal caps)

Here is some more media and info about them.

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UPDATE: 5 of 9 modules of Group 2 SOLD. 

The buyer shared some photos and video with me.  Said it was pretty easy to take apart.  Confirmed these are made in Korea Samsung SDI modules.

These 60 Ah cells came out of a low mileage car ~5000 miles... and are rated for 6000+ cycles at 80% degradation.  These are a tremendous value at $20 per cell.  The buyer has offered tear down services at $25 per modules, which adds $5 per cell.

This datasheet is for the 94ah cells, but should give a better idea about data regarding the 60ah cells.


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