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[CLOSED] Samsung 26f 2600mAh 18650 Cells
I've got 300 extra cells, they all are Samsung 26f 2600mAh. All have been rewrapped since the original wrapper tears off when pulling the batteries apart. All cells have had their internal resistance tested and they averaged out to 45mΩ with a range of 35-55. All cells have been charged between 3.6V-3.8V and have been checked after a week to see if any self discharged, all held voltage. 50 cells out of the 300 have been capacity tested, average capacity is 2,662 mah. Capacity for 50 of the cells and internal resistance for all cells has been marked on each. The cell holders shown in pictures will be included if you buy in quantities of 20. The pink battery in one of the images is what the cells originally looked like after harvesting them, the model number printed on the side there.

Prices for different quantities.
1-20 $2.25 each
21-60 $2.00 each
61-100 $1.75 each
101-300 $1.50 each

I'm located in Wisconsin but can ship USPS. Let me know if any more info would be helpful



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