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Will this current sensor (LEM CAB 500-C/SP5) communicate with SimpBMS?
Hello Folks.

The current SimpBMS manual (as far as I know v.0.21) refers to a "CAB300" current Can based current sensor under "working features" on page 6. I assume, that "Can based" means, the sensor communicates trough CAN bus?

The CAB300 unit seems to be hard to find these days. Not sure, if the CAB300 is still produced. Was on, which should be the manufacturer. it seems they only have a CAB500 series listed:

Is the (relatively easy to find) CAB500 a newer series, same protocol standard, compatible?

I found the above mentioned sensor at Digikey (Germany), as this is where I am located.
Here is the link:

What do you guys know, what sensors are you using with SimpBMS? Any alternatives?

Looking for alternatives, I found some CaANn bus current sensors on Alibaba/Aliexpress. Should they work? Totally different price point. Looking at the potentiometers, however, they might need to be calibrated. The LEM unit too might require calibration, if I think about my Clamp Amp meter..?
Yes, LEM CAB500 will work with SIMPbms
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