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got a notice from ebay.18650 cells prohibited.
FWIW i am in U.S.A

if ebay wanted to "drain the swamp" it would start by banning any 18650 with a capacity over 3600mah and also the known junk brands.
there 80% of the problem solved.
i suspect several large cell mfrs are attempting to set policy and ebay is listening to them.
and all that will happen is a device that costs a penny to make will be used as a shipping container.
such a cheap "device" will likely be less safe than the little paper boxes and plastic cases.
esp when a live cell is stuck in a crap "device" that is only a medium to skirt the rule then a bunch are dumped into a cheap mailer.
you think dented cells from such shipping are bad?
wait till those flimsy "devices" break and short a cell!
^^^ Yes, as I speculated in post #8. I wouldn't be surprised if LG played a large role given how very aggressive their lawyers have been recently. They may well actively watch for workarounds and target them too. Oh for the day when we can roll our own cells....

I just noticed that last week USPS proposed changes in shipping of hazardous materials (explicitly mentioning Lithium batteries as motivation). If the timing is not a coincidence then it might imply that the eBay changes are by-products of policy changes at a higher level.
in Germany single 18650 cells are prohibited at too since a few weeks.
Seems to only affect the auction titles by searching the keyword "18650",
in description it is no problem.

Actually running actions can't be changed (text / pictures or whatever) without changing the titel to and delete the 18650 tag
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