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Hi from Maryland, US
Hi there!

I've been browsing the forum on and off for a while, so I figured it was about time I created an account and said hello to folks.

My current project is re-fitting an old RV (1977 Dodge Sportsman) with a power system suitable for extended off-grid camping expeditions.  I bought it a couple years back, but it turned out to have more difficulties than I had anticipated. I've had to replace a bunch of pieces in the front suspension, tear out and rebuild rotten interior supports, reseal portions of the outer skin/roof, and almost completely replace the cab floor with new metal.  It turned out that the carpet in the cab was about the only thing holding the rust together under the driver's seat.  Confused

At any rate, I'm finally to the part of the project where I can start putting stuff back on instead of tearing stuff off, so I'm happy enough with the progress.  I knew a 40+ year old rig that had been demoted to use as a tailgate party wagon by its previous owner would take some TLC to get back into shape.  I'm pretty sure someone less sentimental than me would have avoided the project, but I just couldn't turn down those big, round headlights looking at me and asking me to give it a new home. Big Grin
Welcome there are several people doing Rv powerwalls, a worthwhile project
Later floyd
Welcome!  I've just started a 7x14 Cargo Trailer -> Camper conversion and based on my home DIY powerwall experience - I plan to deck it out with Solar Smile
I've taken up the floor - and plan to fit a 14s100p battery bank under the floor - like an EV.   I'm thinking of using those water tank heating pads for <32F temps.    I'm sure there will be interested to hear and see (pic always good Smile ) what you do.

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