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Irish 18650 powerwall
l found one of Pete's videos about using 18650s for home storage 6 months ago, learned a whole lot and spent more time with Pete than my own mates since lockdown, on episode 251 now. Gday TUBER's

I have about 330 cells harvested and resleeved about 160 so far, about 160 came from recycled laptops and I bought 200 bare from another seller.

Using Miboxer C4 and have an 8 cell on order. I tested about 20-30 dud batteries. Plan is to get to a 7S 80p together over the next year. Still not sure how I want to attach bus bars.

Charging and discharging is a pain with one C4 that can only dis on one channel so hopefully the new one will make a difference

eco sources mppt 30 amp controller
miboxer c4 18650 charger
IOIOA 8-Slot Battery Charger
kriegerĀ  KR1500 1500w inverter
draper 72174 inverter
eco worthy 100w panel
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