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Are these 2 cells the same? US18650VTC4 C4 MURATA vs SE US18650VTC4 C4
A few days ago a bought a few Ryobi tools and the seller said one of the battery packs was dead. 
After receiving the tools, I decided to open up the dead battery pack and see what was going on.
I realised that 3 out of 5 cells are dead. Weird.
Then I realised that I have similar cells from a Dyson battery pack that stopped working while ago. Also in this Dyson pack 1 cell out of 6 was dead. 
The cell taken out from the Dyson pack is: SE US18650VTC4 C4 and the cells in the Ryobi battery pack are: US18650VTC4 C4 MURATA.
Please see the pics attached.
After checking the data sheet from this forum and from this website: the data sheets from both cells are the same.
In the website mentioned above, they say: “Previously manufactured by Sony Energy - Murata purchased Sony's battery division in 2017. Newer production of cells are marked Murata and not SE (Sony Energy). Older cells will show SE printing.”
Can anyone here please confirm if these cells are really the same? If they are, I may be lucky and replace the dead cells in the Ryobi pack with the ones I already have from the Dyson pack.
Also there is one thing bugging me, what are these numbers and letters printed in the second row on the cell. I marked it with a red arrow. 
Any help will be appreciated.

Sony sold their battery division to murata. Murata cells are thus newer Smile

FWIE I’ve tested about 400 VTC5 cells. Their entire chemistry etc are quite consistent across the C1 to C5..
@Araknid very nice, I never had any newer than V3 Sony cells to play with.
Had nearly all types of high power Samsungs though.
(08-24-2020, 08:45 AM)Overmind Wrote: @Araknid very nice, I never had any newer than V3 Sony cells to play with.
Had nearly all types of high power Samsungs though.

Vtc5A is different tho, curves changed enough for me to notice in my cell distribution curves.

Oh Ye I’ve got the VTC6 as well Smile c1-6 ... not many tho, maybe like 80 or so left to repair some drill packs at my hacker space...

C1 and C2 are industrucable imho. Low cap but hard to kill from abuse. Seem to have less failed in drill packs than 25R fwiw

So see murata, just newer Smile
Thanks for your replies.
So is the chemistry in US18650VTC4 C4 MURATA the same as in the  SE US18650VTC4 C4? I just don't want to mix both types of cells in case of different 
chemistry. (Maybe it is just me panicking Smile  as I'm new to this cell's world)

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