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Help connecting a chinese BMS, EPever charge controller, Battery and Inverter
I am having trouble connecting my cheap chinese BMS [1], Epever charge controller, Battery and inverter

I was able to connect the BMS correctly and it is working fine. I can charge the battery from the solar panels using the charge controller. My main problem is how to connect the Inverter to the system with all the components connected. I bypassed the BMS and the inverter worked well but I can't figure out how to use the BMS and the inverter. See my setup (ps: This is my test system with low capacity cells. No circuit breakers have been added, will be added later). You can also see the connection diagram from the manufacturer.

Any help will be appreciated

If your battery is the right voltage for the inverter the inverter should work. The bms shouldn’t affect the inverter
The inverter would be the "Load" in your diagram.
Looks similar to the one that I have, only 2 main wires - common port model. BMS’ black wire act as both charge and discharge terminal. It connect to the negative (-) of both your charge controller output and inverter (load). BMS’ blue wire connect to the negative (-) of your battery pack. The positive (+) side of your charge controller and inverter (load) should connect directly to your battery pack. The positive (+) power supply for the BMS is one of those skinny balance wires, normally red. Hope this help.

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