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Help with a 5s BMS for PowerTool Battery
Hello All,

I need some help choosing a BMS for a 5s2p 18650 battery that I made to replace a Rigid 18v powertool battery.
The 5s2p fits perfectly inside the original NiCD housing.

I ordered a 5s BMS from amazon but as soon as my soldering iron touch the B- tab to apply a bit of solder, the tab fell off the BMS.
$8 lesson learned.

Ideally, because these BMS' are delicate, I would like one with wire leads so I dont have to touch the iron to the BMS if it can be avoided.

There does not seem to be a lot of options to order BMS' from amazon.

Do you guys order from Alibaba or Aliexpress?
Or, is there another source that is trusted?

Which bms did you get? Is it possible to solder the tab back on?

Generally speaking, you buy from AliExpress. They are the division of AliBaba that deals with consumers directly. AliBaba deals directly with distributors, mostly. You can order "samples" from them, though. But you usually don't get free shipping from them.
Banggood is another site in the Asian territories, though they have questionable quality on many items.
And obviously eBay is everywhere
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Those small basic board BMS units might not hold up to the load in some power tools...

I just use a manually monitored RC alarm thing and skip the BMS.

EDIT:  I forgot to mention that I charge using an RC balance charger, which really helps eliminate the need for a BMS... so the alarm only serves as a low voltage alert

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