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Greyhound rv
Almost done building the pack for my bus.

I was going to do this and after seeing the 4x

I have decided on this 4 by 20 cells

I found it so much easier to get solder on the battery first, then reheat to get the fuse into the solder.

Batteries are all tined ready for bus bars and fuses.
Going to use the 3 wire twist with 12 awg
Looks good
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Positives are done and one negative.

the actual fuse wire is much easier to bend than wire edm wire.

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6awg way to big, the 8awg are in the mail box.
2 hrs till i know how they fit.

The china 300 watt is way to big, i would recommend the 100 watt

Checked out the 8 awg ring terminals and they fit perfect with a .190" id

The 6awg have a .230 id

Somehow i ordered non plated the second time.
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It didn't like 10 amps

Its up and running and should be between 2kw and 2.5kw
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That all seems to come along nicely!
What are you planning on isolation when you place it in the RV?

I want to place the first pack I'm making in our own RV.
What about the BMS?
Greetz Dennis

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Just change the tip on the iron to one that is smäller in the top
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Im going to sandwich it between 2 sheets of plywood and store it under the clutch.

bms is built into the sbms100

I think i can just grind the tip of the soldering iron down.
I did one under the couch in a friends bus. Was nervous about air flow and someone spilling drinks though..looks good man. Why did you by copper instead of smashing some tubing to make your own eyelets? How's that iron treating you? I plan an in depth side by side review of tools very soon, just eating to get my big torch in..

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