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husqvarna unknown cells
unable to find anything on these. they are from a Husqvarna BLi20 battery pack for use with chainsaws. thx.   LGEAHD21865
Please upload the images in the thread, not your avatar. The avatar is not large enough to distinguish anything.
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to insert a photo write the post then preview the post.
When you preview the post the image uploader appears with instructions below the text editor.
Drag and drop wait for image toupload then click on the image to post to editor
then preview the post again to make sure the image appears
later floyd
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I'm sure I've seen some LGEAs somewhere along with the tons of LGDBs.
I'll check if I have any left and get back to you.
It may be a newer version of the LGABC.
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lg hd2
its in the database.

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