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Revive Ryobi batteries?
I bought a few Ryobi used P190 batteries from Battery hookup.  I received them today.  I have used the cells from used tool batteries before.  Usually, there are a couple bad cells in a pack.  The rest are fine.  However, for these batteries that I bought, only one have two good cells.  All of the remaining cells have almost no voltage, i.e., the multimeter shows tens of millivolts, but they looks very clean.  I was not able to charge these cells.  I feel it is very strange because I don't think it is possible for all these cells becoming bad altogether.  Does anybody know how to revive them.  Really appreciate you help.  Thanks.
I wouldn't even bother with them. I had about 50 of those ryobi cells and had same problem. I was able to revive about 20 of them with my foxnovo 4s charger (similar to the opus) . But all the ones I revived where in 1000mah or less. It was a huge waste of money and learning experience for me, I don't buy powertool cells anymore, especially not from ryobi.

The foxnovo 4s is the only charger that I used that can revive cells, I keep it around just for that purpose. It revive almost all the laptop cells I throw at it. The charger is harder to find, I don't think its produce anymore, but its a good charger to have since it also does capacity test. If it can't revive a cell, its totally dead.

foxnovo 4s
Showing 0v on the external contacts (BMS), had to take it part (secure T10) to charge using a small adjustable power supply: 15V at 100mA constant current directly at the cells terminals, revived in minutes! Then was able to charge as normal, final voltage 20.5V (4.15V/cell still balanced) Smile

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