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Inside the Goal Zero Yetie Lithium CPAP
Hi there, I'm a Newbie 
I have a Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 400W Generator (which I use as a standby power supply to power my CPAP Airsense10 machine).
It will run my CPAP machine 1 night only before it needs to be recharged.
(For those who don't know, a CPAP machine helps me breathe through the night as I have sleep apnea, and lots of people have this).

I want to investigate what makes the Goal Zero run, what size & type of Lithium batteries do they use?
All I got is Li-ion NMC 10.8v, but have never seen the actual cells themselves and don't know what capacity they are.

Has anyone ever pulled down a Goal Zero Yeti Lithium? 
Has anyone got any photos of what the insides of the NMC battery looks like?

Is it possible to increase the capacity of the Goal Zero battery so I can run my CPAP machine for several days instead of 1 day?

They (GZ) say you cannot chain their Lithium Batteries, so is it possible to build "another" Lithium battery of a greater capacity?
Could I use LPo4 cells or do I have to use the NMC cells?

I have looked on Youtube but there is nothing about the GZ Lithium Batteries only SLA or Lead Acid.

Basically the Yeti device is a UPS - maybe look for those?

If the Yeti unit says it's 10.8V, it will be a 3s Li-Ion format.
So you could probably make a pack with 18650 or pouch Li-Ion cells with a larger Ahr rating & it would work fine.
Their website shows its " 428Wh (10.8V, 39.6Ah)"
40Ahr is a common nearby cell size for medium pouch cells.
Or you could make 20p packs with 18650 cells of >2,000mAhr each, ie 60 cell total in 3x 20p packs in series for 10.8V

Being a medical device, take care so if it goes flat too soon, no harm happens....
You also need to be 100% sure it will be safe in a bedroom - maybe why they seem to have stopped making the lithium product?
You could have it outside the room, cable in to your CPAP device....
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Thanks Redpacket
I went and took a baupeep at that web site, thanks.
Yes I agree with you, I have configured the GZ to be like an UPS, many people use them this way, I don't use the 240v AC outlet as it waists too much, I only use the 12v DC outlets.

But what I was looking for is has anyone in the Forum actually pulled apart a GZ Yeti Lithium (any capacity) and seen the BMS and knows the outlay of the cells used in the make up of the battery, anyone got any photos of the teardown.

From what you are saying each cell would be 3.6volts X 3 = 10.8v, needing 60 cells to get the capacity.

I'm wondering if using Headway cells might be helpful.....
Then there is the little matter of charging it, would I need a higher capacity charger.
They just about to release the 1500X model but it is very pricey.

I live in a retirement village and they have strict rules about building your own stuff, but you never know, but for the moment all I'm looking for is information. Smile
There  have been a couple people here who created CPAP machine batteries/extenders.
Later floyd
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(08-27-2020, 02:35 PM)floydR Wrote: There  have been a couple people here who created CPAP machine batteries/extenders.
Later floyd

Thanks FloydR
I went and took a looksee, really great info in the 2nd one.

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