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Unknown 18650 Cells [ST EB17E22, 2200mAh]
Pulled these cells from a generic replacement battery for a Dell Laptop (exact model not on hand at the moment). Cannot find anything on the web about them, could not identify the manufacturer logo. "ST" as far as I can tell. Model reads "EB17E22". Removed the heatshrink to look for any engraved markings, nothing found. Any information would be helpful, not sure whether to use these or not. Guessing they're high drain based on the low capacity. One of them also had a label that read "YUZO".

[Image: IMG_3624.JPG][Image: IMG_3625.JPG]
[Image: IMG_3628.JPG][Image: IMG_3627.JPG]
[Image: IMG_36262.JPG]
(08-28-2020, 03:52 AM)Ri5ux Wrote: Guessing they're high drain based on the low capacity.

Because they are laptop batteries I guess they are not high drain, just old.
But test them and then you will see if they are good enough for your purpose or not
Just because cells are low capacity doesn't mean they are high drain. They are either old and have lots of cycles on them already, or they were low capacity to begin with. It's not unheard of that low capacity cells are tossed into replacement packs.

If no data can be found for these, you would probably be ok to charge/discharge at 1A to determine capacity and see what their SoC/SoH is. Monitor temperatures closely.

Checked the images again, 2200mAh is considered low capacity for laptop packs. I have seen some with lower capacity than those.
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The smaller capacity is not an indicator of it being a high drain.
There's generally no need for HD in notebooks.
Probably it's just a classic ICR.
Many laptops today still have 2200-2600s in them.
Alright, so most likely not high drain. I'll do some testing and try to figure out roughly what their drain current is. They were originally around 2.14V when I pulled them, drained pretty badly. Will run them through a few charge cycles and test their resistance. Thank you for the pointers.

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