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warning about lg ess the report.
this is an investigation of a failure in a large energy storage system.
file too big.will try to zip
A link to the file would be fine.
I have read several reports already. does this one expand on the reasons for the fire?
later floyd
I believe the cause is still in dispute between LG and Arizona Public Service, with independent labs of each party having produced their own reports. They agree on the problem cell, but APS report point their fingers at an cell internal short, while LG point towards an external arcing.
Wouldn't be surprised if no definite cause can ever be found, considering the batteries inside the container were left in thermal runaway for some 2.5 hours, followed by a gas explosion, and then months of dismantling the remnants.

Here's a good summary of both positions:
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the file was sent to me by a friend.
i have not found a link anywhere that is not behind a paywall.
it does go into detail about the incident.
could this be why a bunch of these modules are showing up?
as in preemptively replacing a certain date range?
rename to .pdf
Thank you. Interesting reading, saved
later floyd

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