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Use a LEM current sensor, or Victron Shunt for SimpBMS/VitronGX-setup?
Hello Folks.

I have a question in regards to measuring the energy in/out of the battery.

I will utilize Victron Multiplus with a CerboGX and SimpBMS with 2 Tesla ModelS-Modules.
SimpBMS will be connected to the CerboGX.

The question:
Does it make more sense to connect a LEM Cab300/Cab500 current sensor to SimpBMS, or a Victron (Smart) Shunt to the CerboGX? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each setup? I want to make sure to see the discharge current and kWh/Ah trough the CerboGX interface.

Thank you.
My take:
since LEM Cab300/500 are recycled very scarce, and new over the top in price,
go for a Victron shunt if the rest of your set-up is also Victron,
The Victron Smart Shunt is a nice choice

Best of luck with your build
best Carel Hassink
pro-LOX, Carel Hassink, 
Obdam, Netherlands
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