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Refurbishing a 1980 Yamaha SR500
Hi folks,
I know some of you enjoy motorcycles, so I thought I'd share this. I had a 1980 Yamaha SR500 gifted to me after sitting for 10 years as a non-runner. Couldn't refuse such an opportunity.

I'm not familiar with Yamaha's at all so this is a learning project. Also, I've been wanting to learn more about fixing my own bikes. This will definitely help with that!

The original problem was that no spark was getting to the spark plug. Now though, it's got lots of secondary issues from sitting.

This all started about a year and a half ago, and is a big reason why I've not worked on the DIY ebike for quite a while.
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-Mike G
Parts 3 and 4:

Early on I decided that the priority should be getting spark back, which was the original problem. But while waiting for parts to come in the mail, I decided to work on other stuff too. Starting with some of the electrical I could fix for free, and also getting into the carburetor, which turned out to be a whole project by itself.
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-Mike G

In these vids, I finished disassembling the carburetor, and decided to repair the engine kill switch. Unfortunately, I started having audio problems. You can here stuff, but it sounds like it's underwater.
-Mike G

Cleaned up the fuel valve, and got into the speedometer after discovering it was seized. Still having intermittent audio issues.
-Mike G

Cleaning up gauges and switches. Cleaning contacts. Discovering just how bad the seat is.
-Mike G

Finishing up the seat. (For now.) Looking for any other issues on the bike. Got several parts in the mail.
-Mike G

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