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3048LV-MK does not turn on with no battery
Hi everyone

Quick question - does anyone know if the 3048LV-MK needs to have a battery to turn on? I connected the Input and Output AC only (with no battery) and tried to turn it on and nothing happened.

Just want to be sure I didn't wire something wrong! A volt meter showed that power really was at the input side of the inverter.

Reading the manual, I didn't see anywhere that says it needs a battery, but then again it did say something like "connect a battery then turn it on"
Maybe it needs a DC input to turn on? Solar or battery

It need battery. They only have 1 batteryless offgrid inverter that can run without battery.

Note that offgrid inverters are using battery as main source. Thats their function. Also note that its BAAAAD practice to turn any solar gear on without having the battery connected first-hand.

It can basically kill the gear Wink
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