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Howdy From Australia
Hi all,

Just joined the forum today after browsing the site & watching some YouTube videos on DIY Powerwalls my ears pricked up and i came and signed up here.

I am from Australia, living on the Far South Coast NSW. My house is running 31 x LG 320W Neon 2 panels with Enphase Micro Inverters + Envoy. It should be a 10kW system but because of the Micro Inverters i get a 8kW system.
I have been thinking of getting a Solar Battery system and was leaning towards a Tesla Powerwall 2 (Hard to find in stock), LG Chem or Enphase's own batteries but they all seem very expensive & i would like to attempt something my self if possible.

I would like to capture & store some of my power that is going back into the grid as some days it can be as much as 40-50kW which i do not get much for at all. I have a 4 x GPU Etherium/Monero Rig that i only run through day light hours because its free to run but would like it running 24/7.
My hot water system is 40 Evacuated Tubes which works really well through the summer heating my hot water but runs pretty average through winter. I have a Wood Fireplace with a 15kw-20kW wet back that boils my hot water and also runs 6 radiators through out the house to warm the rooms up, it has a electric element if required but that doesn't get used much.

I am very close to being self sufficient but i need something to get me through the night & on cloudy days when there is no sun for my solar or evacuated tubes, Hopefully i can sort that out via this site.

Cheers for having me - hellhole.
Welcome sounds like you are well on your way and a battery might just do it.

Later floyd
Welcome - Looks like a nice setup, ideal for a powerwall to supply power during nighttime. But wearing out batteries to power cryptomining is most likely false economy.
Might I also recommend getting a (PH)EV? I have a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV that I charge opportunistically from solar, and my fuel needs/costs have dropped by about 90%.
Modular PowerShelf using 3D printed packs.  60kWh and growing.

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