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Harvesting Issue
Just like daromer is saying, and i fully agree: NO, bin every cell that has a dent or a hole, even not a visible hole but the sweet smell...BIN

I wanted to have the inside rods from some bad cells, decided to cut them open.
Probably my own mistake that i did not fully discharged them but they where catching fire, just saying.
As soon there is some contamination with that stuff you breath the cells are goners...somewhere between 5 minutes or 5 weeks...

If tossed into the fire, some will act like a missile, some will give a nice long hot flame and yes some explode, even at 4 meter distance they can hurt, believe me, it was a nice blue spot.

Deal with them as told on this forum, search youtube, ect
Dont take your chance and be safe please, with best regards Igor

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