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Did anyone know this Inverter? Need help for 12V config
Hi People,

I have buy this one for playing around with 18650 Cells:


Now, it did not work fine with a 18650 Cell Pack
I made one of 192 Cells 3s
In the Management I just can choose Userbattery.
Cut off Battery is about 11V
So I just can use a small amount of my Battery.

Anyone with an idea how I can fix this?
I read about Firmware fir LiIon Hacks but cant find one.

Any Help is welcome

Thanks all
You should have Read Up before buying. No There aint No easy answer and No There are No firmware to save you. That system is made for lead acid and lithium ion is not compatible with that voltage range.

Either swap the battery to 4s LiFePo4 or go 7s and buy a 24v inverter instead.

Its a Common mistake and to many do it.
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+1 like daromer has said, the voltage range for 3s Li-Ion is too low for typical 12V inverters.
the 7s voltage range is a good match for 24V inverters.
If you change to LiFeP04 batteries, their voltage range with 4s is much better for 12V.
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Okay, perfekt.
I know now more and I think I will switch to a 7 S System.
This was something I think about, but my hope was, that I can get it running.
Your replies now make me save to send it back.

Thanks for you help Smile

can I use this one? or will it make me unhappy too?
EASUN 2400W 24V
Is 192 cells the total number of cells You have, or do You have 3 x 192 ?

Making a pot of coffee will make Your inverter draw around 80 Amps. Using 3S 64P is not going to give Your cells a long life, but they will hold out. Collect another 64 cells and make 4S 64P. Limit the charger to 15.9 volts. That is 3.97 Volts/cell, almost full charge. You can use all the way down to 11 volts (2.75 V/cell, a little low but should be OK if You do not do it too often).
This way You can get by until You have collected more cells.
Stretching Your 192 cells to 7S is not going to cut it.

If You have 3 x 192 cells, converting to 7S will give You 82P and this will be OK to the 24 V inverter.

Choice is Yours, best of luck Smile


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