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new powerwall project
(10-04-2020, 09:29 PM)OffGridInTheCity Wrote: - Didn't see any surge protectors - you might consider one at each combiner box if you haven't already.

Had a look at the specs on the victron 

Weatherproof enclosure to combine 6 PV strings. PV
inputs via external MC4 connections , fuses for all
strings and 63 amp output MCB and type 1 surge
arrestor - 480x440mm (WxH). Replacement Fuse =
FUSE-10X38-PV-15A. 250V max solar string voltage

So it looks like it has a 63A MCB and a type1 surge protection already  - Its Victron, well built, and designed kit.

(09-12-2020, 09:06 AM)ajw22 Wrote: I think the best first step is to convert the on-demand 10kW water heater to ideally 2 water heater tanks.  One always-on tank that is always ready to supply hot water, and a pre-heater tank to dump surplus solar power in.

Your whole equation will change dramatically with the 10kW load gone, no?

Hi ajw22, Its a 10kw shower unit, that sits on the wall and plumbed in, has a cold feed/water supply only.  This cant be changed to a tank supply.  I wish i could change it, but to much work, unfortunately.

(09-12-2020, 03:51 PM)daromer Wrote: dali1972 its kW and not kWh when you talk about inverters.

> Thanks, still a newbie...fingers get happy typing to much before brain works Smile

Splitting a 3phase unit to use to different places as single phase is not really a recommended way. Note that if you break 1 phase then your loosing all 3. For single phase units its better to buy single phase inverters if you ask me.

> Agreed, But its an old farm, and the supply is 3 phase.  In the old days when it was running as a dairy farm, they had the need for the 3 phase for motors.  We dont have anything running off 3 phase, so we adopted the system to work for our needs the best we could.  When we made up the system, we used a 3 phase distribution board, which then feed each of the phases to single phase consumer units.  At the time we tried to balance the loads over each of the phases, and it seems to have worked very well for us.
But 100% agree, if we loose one phase, we loose the lot.  One of the benefits of the distribution board is that we can shut one phase off, and work on that particular string without affecting the other two.

I would also look at removing the direct heater and add in a smaller tank. I run a 30Liter here. No you cannot shower endlesly but its enough for 2 showers in a row and it only uses 2kW.. Alot cheaper doing that then having a high power unit...

> as mentioned in reply to ajw22, Its a 10kw shower unit, that bolts onto the wall, and plumbed in with a cold water supply.  It would mean major alteration to a tiled bathroom, thats not reasonably practicle to do.....unfortunately.  By the time i had to pop a new shower unit in, buy a new tank, alter the tilling (which i cant buy now!!) it woud probably not save me much, plus its less work this way.
(10-04-2020, 09:29 PM)OffGridInTheCity Wrote: - Solar Array - Adjustable to change the panel angles the the year...  nice....  you just need to motorize it Smile.     Mine are fixed at 25deg and 22deg respectively as I'm a bit worried if I stood it up at a 45deg angle for winter the neighbors would come down on me 

Hi OffGridInTheCity

My winter setup gives me a 53degrees title angle, but i have some adjustments that i could do..

eg...just dig a little ground away where it touches...

Do you think i will get much more out of the panels... maybe able to get a few more degrees angles... is the extra few degrees gonna make much of a difference do you think?
(10-27-2020, 12:31 PM)dali197 Wrote: Do you think i will get much more out of the panels... maybe able to get a few more degrees angles... is the extra few degrees gonna make much of a difference do you think?
Tilt will definitely allow you to better optimize incoming power.    Here's a serious looking Google search page that discusses it to give a perspective -

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