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3 phase Grid Tie Inverter?
We have residential 3 phase. A hold-over from the early years of residential AC. I'm looking for recommendations for a Grid Tie Limiting inverter that plays well with 240V 3 phase. 

I've found lots of commercial oriented 3 phase units, they're all pricey and double my voltage. My current scheme is has separate Sun GTIL on each of the 3 legs, the 3rd arrives in a couple days, and separate battery chargers for the 48V wet cell bank. The inelegance of my solution is irritating me.

The perfect box would be about 5KW and have limiter sensors for each of the 3 legs coming into the house, and would allow connection to each of the 3 phases--easily done with 120V. Be nice if it charged my battery bank too.
I'm in Belgium where 3 phase AC is still popular today. We have 3x400V+N. N stands for neutral, meaning that we get a 4th wire that is 230V away from each phase. 230 is 400/√3

I've been reading through your other posts. Are you in North America where most houses have 240V split phase?
How do you get 120V? I suppose you also have a neutral wire coming into the building. Do you have 138V on your 120V sockets (240/√3=138) or do you get 208V on your 240V sockets (120Vx√3=208)?

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