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new small size pouch cell build
i have bought 500 3.7v 4400mah pouch cells with short lead wires but havent really got a design plan yet. i want a 7s 70 p battery
 for a 24v inverter that i plan to put on a houseboat. i understand the pouch cells need compression but how much?
IR reduces substantially and capacity raises slightly but the pressure needed is substantial and not worth trying to recreate in a DIY build. I've been using 1/8" anti-stat foam between cells for the prototyping I've done and not worried about compression. If you're using pouch cells and not prismatics be sure to allow for some swelling. I'm curious. Please keep us informed with what you find.
well i have 14s32p in series and 35 amp #10 awg wire between them. i am doing a capacity test now. willl let you know. these are the 4.4ah cells the B.H.U. are selling for 1.30 each. so really its a 14s 64p. becouse there are 2 in each pouch. what i did was cut the wires right at the connector to save as much as possible and connect to a main #10 wire.
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