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Where is the best place to sell 18650 Li-Ion batteries/cells?
I've just heard that eBay are starting to clamp down on selling of 18650 cells.

I presume that this is due to the vast number of fakes that are floating the market, as well as poor quality cells (e.g. XXXXfire, GTF/GTL, Castnoo etc) that just cannot cope with any sort of reasonable discharge current and/or any decent capacity.

Until a couple of months ago, I was selling 18650s on eBay quite regularly. I stopped selling them for a short while because I didn't have any available to sell, but I will start off again soon. They will be 18650 cells harvested from laptop battery packs - usually low to medium current Samsungs/LGs/Panasonics/Sanyos/Sonys etc (basically whatever they build laptops with). All will of course be tested and capacity checked using suitable equipment.

I am UK based so please don't suggest anywhere that is purely US based, or international to the UK; I will not ship batteries internationally due to their nature (and due to the various regulations about flying with anything battery powered).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
The marketplace here works . photo of cells, state that you are UK based., a plus would be photos of testing cells/cell testing equipment. Read the guideline at top of marketplace

later floyd
Prices kept going down for 18650s.

To increase chances of a good sale you should offer additional services like consultancy.

I do that, I put a consultancy text on my cell sale announcement, split cells into power groups (ICR INR and INR-HC/IMR) and offered to help when someone wants to make a project with 18650 cells.

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