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not sure to post about the question?
@offgridinthe city,
Thank you very much for your extend replay.
All is falling into place, regarding panels and storage....

I don't mean this competitive! But i accumulated 106kwh in just 10 months, oke it was a lot of work.
I was really opportunistic also, when we went away i check at forehand the bike dealers and wrote down the friendly ones..
Same for the construction, some times i saw 3 different sites in a week, and i check the local bike dealers.
I figured out a way to test them in production.(fall out race, survive of the strongest...thanks to Daromer)
Probably false pride, but i was pretty proud of it.
And bought some from degrootrecycling, very good cells i may add, probably will do it again.
Dont forget prolux.
But not those blue Chinesum cells, i figured out a thing or two to much.
I really regret selling them.....sigh..

Expansion wise: so expand what comes in the need first?
Start with 6 pv panels and 5kwh, probaly within a month or two add 6 more panels and go from there.
Yes i agree it is pretty difficult to size a system for personal use, to much differences in use, sun angle temps ect.
I agree big time on the logical thought about the sun is there every day, even if it will shine for one hour: 12 pv panels can accumulate 3kw.
6 clouded hours also 3kw?
You did a good job btw to let me focus first on the most important thing...pv and than storage.
So that is done? At least i think that is done?
With a quick surface calculation i can get max 65 pv panels on the roof dead south.
(In two years from now i can add 20 more on the south west south facing roof.)
If i need this number 65x300=15-17kw per hour...Wow Fonzie!

Pretty large numbers.

The electronics:
I was thinking in first place about the
But that would not be ideal and to weak, nice to begin with, but eventually to be offgrid, they wont be any good.
You will need some electronics extra, they dont sell complete packets, price/quality wise Victron would be a better option. for just 500 euro extra to achieve the same, with a 1000w bonus.
Those ones seems appealing.(Among some other look a likes)
I could buy one at the time, and they are charger/converter in one for ~600 each.
They are around for a pretty long time, oke they say 5kw each connected to each other 10kw, lets say 60% max capacity of there advertising.

Also Victron the phoenix inverters very expensive and not to mention the amount of charge controllers i would require?
What would be the best advice
Any idea is welcome!

The filafax is a need i need to incorporate:
This only one i could find in English language with a quick search.
I intend to obtain a heavier one.
In dutch sorry:
Get 1 of them to start with.

But what kind of electronics? fuses and fuse box is no problem(ac side that is).

Thanks for reading and sharing your ideas/thought and point of view it is very appreciated, thanks in advance, best Igor
Have you considered the new PIP 7248MAX?

 * 7.2 Kw
 * 2 high voltage MPPT
 * 8 Kw PV field
 * 80 A MPPT charger and 80 A utility charger
 * Paralel ready up to 6 units with built in paralel kit
 * And some other goodies.

 I agree Victron plays in another league but man are they expensive!!! And on top of that you have to buy the MPPT chargers.

 Edit: Just remembered it is available in EU also, even a little bit cheaper at solarpower24 store. Do not know these people, never bought anything from them but buying in EU is always better than importing from China.
The pipmax is also coming from China, it would be cheaper to order that directly from ali
I dont think there is not much difference between the pip or powland or aesun and some others?

Solarpower24 have also some more interesting things:

All in one: no extra bms needed, good price(quality?), easy to expand, safe?
Cheaper than buy the same in Germany or the same kwh in winston cells.

For solar panels i will stick to GWL, from solarpower24 they are just to expensive

Thanks in advance

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