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[SELLING] 1000x Samsung INR18650-35e 3350mAh [GERMANY or EU]
Hello all,

due to lack of time I stop my PV storage project and sell my 1000 Samsung 35e cells.
All cells a new and unused and never loaded cells. the cells are extractet from "non used" ebike packs.
The cells have no physical or electrical damage, they are completely new!
All the cells are from 2019 cw 30-40 and have the initial load from the factory.
i'am from germany and can ship it.

If you are interested please write me a mail. i sell the cells in one big offer (1000 pieces) or a smaller one (what you need).
The price is 250 EUR for 100 cells.
Shipping costs depending on country

Best Regards

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400 cells in stock

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