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[CLOSED] USA PA_Large box of laptop batteries, see pics.
The Batteries are HP HS03 14.4V 4s 2200 mAh and HP FP06 10.8V 3s2p 4200 mAh.
HS03 contains 4 x 2200mAh cells
FP06 contains 6 x 2100mAh cells

For Info Google Drive

Great ABB shunt breaker seller River City Industrial
Great prices and superb service.
 [Image: em2566%20(1)__19172.1521541365.jpg?c=2]

Not your average Wolf       
I'll be in the area on Wednesday the 7th and may be interested in these. Any additional information and are they still available?
Right now I am at $2.55 per LB.  None have made a $$$ offer.

Armbat - They are still available, and Shop Manager will be around tomorrow (Wednesday 10/7)  if we can hammer out details.  For some reason I was thinking you had next week available.  My bad.
It seems that the value I can offer is bested by other places. Had a PM chat with a knowledgeable member of the boards. If anyone wants further information on these or other large boxes of batteries, PM me via the boards.

Thanks for all the replies I got, (we really are are a cool group of people!)

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