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So It Begins
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What is your plan?
later floyd
(09-27-2020, 07:14 PM)floydR Wrote: What is your plan?
later floyd
Purchased 3 nissan leaf batteries from Big Battery for my power wall build.
Had been looking at these for a few years, 4 grand at salvage yard then was bidding on salvage leafs online auctions to get one . Prices were a lot higher on these auctions than some people were saying they purchased for. Almost pulled the trigger at the first of the year when they were 1595.00 , lowest price I had seen. I was real busy and decided to wait, nice they went to 999.00 and got 3 for the price of 2.
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Good job now the fun begins
later floyd
Pulled the first one apart , what a thing of beauty, really just had to look at it for a while. The amount of work that went into making them.
Are you planning to test them?
Or even sort them out on capacity?
Or just see what comes first?

With best regard, Igor
We're all pretending to be you! Can't wait!
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Sorry forgot to ask:
What system v are building?
Any idea of the total kwh in your system with one leaf?
I think i ask for more people, and not only myself.
Your bms?
Overall plan??

With best regards a curios Igor.
will be a 16s build, Have the Batrium on order with leafmons for BMS
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