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94watts More than PV Panel Rating?
Watts = Volts x Amps.
A proper MPPT operating point is usually about 80% ish of the panel's open circuit voltage.
I'd be expecting something like 25V or so when doing MPPT charging into batteries before they are full.
If it's pulling 30V down to 14V, it's more likely just connecting the panels to the battery directly or doing bad PWM!
Proper MPPT devices have an inductor (coil) in them, PWMs typically don't.
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Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
80% is about correct then when I am observing 33v as the two panels are 22.8 Voc (.8*45.6=36.48). This is what I observed today at best on a bad day for solar charging.

Renogy Charge Controller I have but  do not endorse:

Rich Solar Charge Controller I have but do not endorse:

The meter and DMM are connected to PV in line to charge controller. Pic taken within a few seconds:


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