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Help DIY solar generator
>I was just going by what was stated in the first post. Easy to build 2 24v LiFePo4 8s batteries just need to be connected in series that would be both easy and quick to build. hooking up the >Bms wouldn't be hard either. you should have a 5 kWh battery. with just two batteries So 4 could give you up to 12 kWh. The cost is comparable with the LiFePo4 being quicker to have up >and running. 1199.88 Mercedes LG vs 1100 BYD LiFePo4
>Later Floyd

I apologize for sounding argumentative.    What I was thinking, since he selected these specifically in his post and based on the youtube teardown, you have to pull these cells out of their case anyway and once you do that, they have a cell framework that allows you to easily combine 12s  to 14s.    I agree that this is full-on DIY...  and so 12s -> 14s is not much more effort. 

>Easy to build 2 24v LiFePo4 8s batteries just need to be connected in series
Not sure which batteries you're thinking here.  The 24v LifePo4 listed at Battery Clearing House and Battery Hookup - are in 50-60% SOH range and that's an issue.  If you know somewhere to purchase 24v LifePo4 that are more 80% SOH or batter - I agree that would be of interest.  
Didn't come off as argumentative. Sorry if I did in my reply.

I think since the overrating of the byd batteries by companies selling them as 4 kWh or higher happened (and the resulting negative feedback they received) the companies may be going to the extreme in preventing that from happening to them again.

I unfortunately don't know if what these newer BYD batteries (BHU has a different style BYD) or if the BYD's in BCH stock are going to test better than the in December and January.

Too far to drive to pick up 1 or 2 If I was closer I would think about picking up a couple more.

Later floyd
Just out youtube by @LithiumSolar on a Solar Generator -    Higher price than DIY but ready-to-go batteries with 100% capacity (new) cells.   Could do 4 batteries instead of 2 for 10kwh.    The batteries are -     Big Battery seems an acceptable source from many youtubes over last year - but I don't have personal experience with them.
Ok sorry for the delay.

I'm getting that I can use the BMW beast battery as long as I do a simple modification to them. They are 90% and will hopefully last me 10 years. They're also much cheaper than the 4 new pre built batteries .

I can get solar panels much cheaper off of eBay if I don't care how old they are. I figure 8 250w will do the job and last as long as my batteries.

I will need BMS for each battery and the beast battery description tells which one to use.

Of course I'll need wire fuses breakers etc

Is my inverter charge control unit gtg?

Also thanks for the videos.
>Is my inverter charge control unit gtg?
As far as I know from comments/videos the "PIP 3048LV-MK" link above is fine - its an all in one unit (Charge, MPPT, Inverter) so that's cool and its beefy enough for your system design.  But I don't have hands-on with these so maybe someone will comment explicitly Smile
Thats a really great video. It makes everything simple and easy to understand.

So, just to clarify, I should be able to piece together a good system using :

8 of these for $320 + freight

1 of these for $726 + shipping

And I have a choice in batteries..... I could use any of the following. I would have to modify the used BMW batteries and there are more of them to mess with.

12 of these used 90% modified for $1080 (after discount code) + time and shipping
4 of these new Li Ion (2.3 Kwh each) for $3800
2 of these new Lifepo4 (5Kwh each) for $3400

The new batteries have built in BMS where as I'd have to buy 12 BMS for the BMW batteries and from what I gather, the more it costs the better quality so the BMSs could run into some money.

Out of the 3 battery options which would you pick and why?
Are the solar panels compatible with everything?
50' or so of wire from the solar panels along with the larger wires for the batteries and inverter and other small parts are gonna run me $1000 or so? Is that including my ground mount supplies?

Thanks again all. Sorry for all the questions. You guys have been great. Thank you so much for your help.


Plus all my wires and connectors and smaller parts.
>Out of the 3 battery options which would you pick and why?
For purchase - I would lean toward 2 of these new Lifepo4 (5Kwh each) for $3400 since the price is the same as the Lithium-ion  but you'll have a good chance at longer life and wider DOD. [url=][/url]

For DIY - 12 of these used 90% modified for $1080 (after discount code) + time and shipping        You'll need time/effort and BMS ($300 -$1000) so it will be at least $1500+.  

Hard to know the future / what's exactly best for you...  but I think you have a good outline with equipment/battery choices you've listed Smile    For me, I ENJOY all this, and if you do as well, then I think you'll be in really good shape.  If you don't enjoy fiddling with stuff - then maybe the pre-done batteries.
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I can actually get 2 of these new Lifepo4 batteries (5Kwh each) including the special cables and connectors, for $3100 with discount

Thats about a grand difference between new batteries and 90% build my own. Decisions decisions.

In this video, there is not a fuse or breaker between the inverter and the outlets. Shouldn't there be? Or does the all in one take care of it?

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