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Tech Direct Leaf Modules Not Good
FYI DIYers - I purchased 49 Leaf modules from Tech Direct on eBay to double my battery bank capacity. Their advertising says modules have a minimum of 70% from original capacity. This equates to 17.15Kwh for all 49 modules and the ones they sent me have less than 10Kwh of capacity. Instead of replacing the modules which would require a great deal of work, I've asked for $1000 refund of the $3200 purchase price. Bottom line is, BUYER BEWARE!
Agree totally that its so hard to find trusted sources and even then, its still hard to buy used cells.   I have Tech Direct on my link list - never purchased anything from them but they've been around a while and certainly seemed like someone I'd take a chance on.  

 I'll be interested to see how they address this issue - please let us know what happens.

But this illustrates that one needs strategies to deal with < expected (advertised) SOH when DIY'ing...   everything from working with supplier, to distributing lower SOH along side higher SOH, to secondary purposes, to xxxx   Sigh.
TechDirect refuses to make things right. My post below to the Ebay community looking for help:

I recently purchased 49 used Nissan Leaf battery modules from TechDirect for $3200 to double my home energy storage system capacity. Their advertising says the batteries should have a minimum capacity of 70% which for the 49 modules works out to be 17.15Kwh of energy. I'm only getting 10Kwh or 41% out of these modules. This is particularly disappointing as my original 49 modules give me about 16Kwh which is at least in the ballpark at 65%. My cost per Kwh for this purchase is $320 where it should be $186 if their advertising were true. Instead of returning the modules, which would be a major hassle having to dismantle battery packs and purchase new shipping materials, I have asked TechDirect for a $1000 refund to make things right. They have refused. I'm guessing my only recourse at this point is to take them to small claims court. I wish there were an option for Ebay to step in on this dispute, but apparently there isn't one. Any ideas on how I can get TechDirect to make this right short of suing them would be appreciated. Thanks.
file a SNAD.
significantly not as described claim.
the return shipping is on the seller if they do not come to a reasonable solution.
iof you did buy on ebay and used paypal you are in position to get a settlement.
The buyer has all the power on Ebay. You can request a refund and still come to a settlement that does not require returning them.

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