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Hotspot Hybrid Mini Split w/ 1.5kw of Solar
This is a new topic for me as well, and I do appreciate your willingness to think it through.  As for the DC power source, I'm assuming the AC unit has a 24vdc signal between the indoor and outdoor that I could tie into to energize the microswitch. I'm waiting for a friend to run the lineset this weekend, then I'll plug in the PV inputs and 240vac connections. Then I can poke around with a meter. I've only heard good things about Midnite Solar as well. 

The realization that when the unit is off, the PV energy is wasted is what led me here. If you mean when the unit is on and consuming 800w, but I'm producing 1200, I'm wasting that 400w, I do realize that.  

Thanks again

(10-01-2020, 02:16 PM)deleclair Wrote: Your KISS idea and current sensing switch idea are interesting. Would I just use a mc4 branch connector to connect the solar inputs to both the AC unit and charge controller?

I guess a MC4 branch connecter would work just fine.
I should note that I've never used MidniteSolar, but heard only great things.  And this whole topic is new to me (and probably everyone else).

Browsed through the MidniteSolar Classic manual, and it seems that it indeed does support switching between Rest/Charge based on an external input.  Specifically by setting AUX2 port to "logic input 1/2" and applying <2V or >6V to Aux2.  So you're going to need some DC power source with the microswitch. , page 40.

BUT... on another manual they state in BOLD RED:
*NEVER connect any loads or other stuff to the PV input on the Classics (Or any charge controller) *

Perhaps it means that it'll damage the solar charger... or simply that it does not make sense to do so.

You do realize that any excess PV energy that the A/C does not use is wasted?  Starting to think it's overall more efficient to feed from the 240V side using a hybrid inverter.
I think this is what I'm looking for. Aussie company. Not a good price:

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