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I read that forum for a while and started to get cells from E-bikes shops.
Now I'm testing them and I've somes questions so it's the moment to register and to try being active on that place.

So, maybe you already get it, I'm not a perfect english-speaker, hope it will not disturb but I'll surely improve it.
I'm from the french part of Switzerland.

I'm 26,
Good in harvesting any kind of stuffs,
I have a small solar installation for my truck with gel battery and I would like to build a biggest installation for my house, so I thought that using 18650 cells could be a nice experience.

I'm quite bad in electronics, so I enjoy learning about this.

But none have exploded yet, so it's a good start. Smile
Just got my first heaters.

See you soon!
From what I see you speak(type) english quite well.
18650's are fun to work with, You learn the how to test them, make batteries out of them. Large format EV, large prismatics cells are easier to work with.
Later floyd

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