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Ebike battery
Folks I have 2 batteries.
Battery1...13s3p Sanyo 3500mah 10A max
Battery 2....13s2p Samsung 2500mah 20A max

My question is this. If I use both batteries in parallel for one bike, will the maximum discharge current be 70Amps (20+20+10+10+10)?

The hub motor is 1000w 48v. When i use the 13s3p battery, it cuts out when I throttle it. So 30amps on its own is too low.

Thanks in advance for any info and tips.
Do the batteries have BMSs which I would assume they do? You would have double the rating of the lowest BMS.
Yes both have 35A bms fitted
Series connections equals increase in voltage. Parallel connections equals increase in amps.

So theoretically you'd have 3 * 10 + 2 * 20 = 70A. yes.

If both battery packs are rated at 35A BMS, then the max you could get out is 70A "if" the BMS's are truly rated properly. If these are cheap bms units, then essentially that is surge rating and is overly stated and you'd be fortunate to get that much from them. If they are legit name brand units, then you should get what you are after.
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